NYX Cream Blush Swatches

Hey Guys!
I have a little obsession with NYX Cream Blushes. I thought now would be the perfect time to share swatches of my obsession as Cherry Culture is having a 20% off sale on the ENTIRE website until March 15th. Did I mention NYX cream blushes are also currently $1.00 off. That means, instead of paying $6.50 US you are paying $5.50 minus 20%. That's $4.40 each! 

NYX Cream Blushes are long wearing, pigmented, blendable, and generally just an amazing quality cream blush for an affordable price. I honestly can't say enough good things about these. Some of the blushes are sheer, but they are intended to be "natural". If I were to pass on one blush I would say skip Boho Chic as it is a bit too sheer for my liking. Rose Petal I've had the longest (as you can see I've used it multiple times prior to swatching). Also, Rose Petal and Orange are a thicker consistency than the other blushes. I must say I like the thicker consistency better, but noticed that the two thicker consistency blushes contain Mica (which I'm sensitive to), but I haven't had trouble yet. I'm assuming this is because Mica isn't one of the first two ingredients. Also, I've been looking FOREVER for a hot pink cream blush and must say that NYX "Hot Pink" is everything I've been waiting for. I think it will look amazing for the warmer months when I'm rocking my self tan. Also, I find it hard finding a good "Orange" blush without it pulling coral. The NYX cream blush in "Orange" is a straight up vibrant orange. I'm also really excited to find this!

I ended up ordering NYX Cream Blush is Tan, Tea Rose, and Golden so I'm excited to try those. I think there is only 3 left that I will not own, but they don't particularly interest me. I also ended up purchasing the Beauty Blender Double Duo Kit. I've always wanted to try the Beauty Blender, and for 20% off, my purchase is justified. LOL