Home Decor: Christmas Decorations

Hey Guys!
I found all these decorations at Costco, minus the soap that is from Bath & Body Works. Costco is my one stop shop for anything seasonal. They have the nicest holiday decorations for a reasonable price. With just a few decorations, my house seems very festive without looking like overkill. I think one or two decorative pieces in each room is great for the holiday season! Hope you enjoy!

 Holiday wreath. This is probably the prettiest wreath I've come across, and it was only $35!
You can't tell by the picture, but it is HUGE! We have it hanging on our wall so you can see it when you walk through the front doors.

Candle holders - the pattern reflects to the wall when these are lit with tea lights!

Our stockings...yes we have ones for our puppies. 
I like that these are large and can be filled with bigger items.
The only problem is, Hera likes to play with them if we are not watching her!

I think Poinsettias are beautiful.
We have one in our bedroom up high where the dogs
can't reach since these can be poisonous to animals.

The wrapping paper I will be using this year for gifts.
I love the one to the far right since it's holographic sparkle.

In each of our bathrooms we have Gingerbread smelling soap from Bath & Body Works.
I also have a bunch of sweet smelling candles from B&B around the house as well.
My house basically smells like baked goods all the time! LOL